One Week In Barcelona, Spain – falling in Love with the city

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I just came back from my trip to Barcelona, I wish i could’ve stayed forever; Wonderful city, full of beautiful architecture, scenery, beaches and different people.  I am sharing with you some highlights from my trip to Barcelona from August 7th till 14th.

This pic is from when i arrived to #Spain ❤️. I cant wait to go back 😍👑

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I’m not sure why I was hesitating about traveling to Spain, but what I can tell you is that I am going back soon.

First Night

Didn’t have the best start as I had a argument with the group that I was going with …The very first night I arrived to Barcelona, I left the club Drunk, and got lost for 3 hours on the street, before reaching my Apartment, that was 10 min away from the club. You meet a lot of new people in the club, but I was shy that i didn’t ask for help that night. Luckily I learned from this mistake, and the second night I asked my new friends to take me with them.

Getting from and to the Airport

Getting to  and from the airport is the easiest thing to do in Barcelona, you can simply take an Aerobus that will take you anywhere in Barcelona for around 6 Euros. And after that you reach the city you can even buy a ticket and get free rides around the city  through the metro and buses. However remember to always have your phone charged, have internet subscription and Google Maps on it to avoid getting lost.

I booked my accommodation in Barcelona via

I booked my stay with Airbnb, to save some money.Click here  to get 20$ credit on airbnb. I ended up having a room in an apartment in Placa Catalunya. The location was perfect, its in the center near everything I need. The room was much smaller than the picture I saw, the bed was tiny as well, Air conditioning was very weak, and the house smelled like food all day. I knew that these things are going to happen with AirBNB but I didn’t care about that, I was going to visit a new City and I knew i wont spend any time at the room, in fact I barely was slept for 5 hours each night.

Beautiful sea and Sangrea

Beaching ❤️😎 #summer #beach #barcalona #radiatelove

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The very first day I arrived to Barcelona, I became friends with a French Group there, it was very hard for me to speak French , and then for some reason i started confusing English and French. Anyway we were going everyday to a public beach named “Platja Mar Bella”,  its 20 min far from Catalunya, and you can take the metro there. Spent the most amazing time there, and I could never have enough of it. In fact if you want to go there make sure to get with you a bottle of Sangria. For those of you who don’t know what Sangria is, its a very delicious Beverage, popular in Spain, its a mix of red wine, fruits and Brandy.

Touristic Places, Parties and Food


Wish i could back to yesterday and stop time from moving forward😞 #friends #amazing #beautiful #👑 😓

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Barcalona has a lot of landmarks and beautiful touristic places, but for this trip I didn’t want to be a tourist, I wanted to live like a local to have the full Barcelona experience.

I think I’ve partied every single day I was in Barcelona, they have a lot beautiful venues, my favorites were Razzmatazz, COMPLEX ESPORTIU L’HOSPITALET NORD  and L’ILLA FANTASIA.  And although I can’t recall where the Foam Party was, but it was sick as well.

Although I am fit and I take care of my physic, Fast Food is the only option to go when I am traveling, and I don’t think that I am the only one, because It was very crowded every time i went to MacDonald or KFC. But the toilets were always dirty and disgusting, so I avoided washing my hands when possible.

This article is a summary of my trip to Barcelona, but it can’t express how much really love this city. I wish I could’ve stayed more, I miss the city and everything about it. It took my breath away, and it touched my soul.

As always my posts reflect my opinion, and thoughts.