How to use Free Windows 10 license on a new PC

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I had windows 8 on my pc, and got to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, and but i bought a new laptop without OS, and wanted to install Windows 10 on it.  Naturally everyone with a Windows license has the right to reuse the license, and reinstall it on a new pc, but my main problem was figuring out How to use free Windows 10 license on a new PC.

How to use your free windows 10 license on a new PC

Using my Windows 8.0 product key on my new laptop to activate windows 10 simply failed. And Windows 10 uses hardware’s activation when you upgrade from earlier version, i couldn’t find my product key to use it .

Windows 10 support advised me to buy a new license, but I refused to waste a couple hundred bucks on a license that I already own. Instead i decided to reinstall my windows 8 and upgrade to windows 10. Below you will find the process to successfully activate windows 10.

 How to use Free windows 10 license on a new PC

  • On your old PC go to cmd in Administrator mode, and type “  wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey  “
  • Save your Product key to use it on your new pc
  • Find out witch version is your initial windows, mine was Windows  8.0 Single Language.
  • Download the ISO file online
  • Burn it to a cd or a usb.
  • Install windows on your new pc and then activate your windows
  • Download Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade tool, run it, and it will do the job for you.

Windows 10 free upgrades ends in July 2016, so i am not sure if the process will still work after that period. But until then follow these steps to save a few bucks, without having to sacrifice all the great features of Windows 10.

Note: You might need to download the Wifi or ethernet driver from your laptop’s provider so you can access the internet to activate your Windows and upgrade it.