I wiLL Never Buy Proteins from GNC ARMAL Or Lebanon

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Buying a safe bodybuilding supplement is not possible in Lebanon. I’ve tried many stores in the past, and tried to ignore all the rumors. Yet again, Lebanese Supplement stores always manage to ruin it for me .


Just last Saturday, I purchased from Gnc Armal Achrafieh, supplements for 194$, for items that cost less than 100$ on BodyBuilding.com.  Yet Im used to Gnc despite the very expensive pricing because I simply thought that paying this amount of money would guarantee the quality of the product. But that was a huge mistake, as i opened my C4 Extreme Preworkout, i found out that the product has been damaged by heat and humidity, making the whole powder solidify and turn into a huge rock.

I reached out to GNC  Armal Lebanon to know if it was an honest mistake, to be shocked with them saying that it always happens with pre-workouts.   “Hello Jed, yes we do have this problems with all pre workouts. We reported this problem to USA and their labs informed us that any product containing arginine and citrulline make clots with time!”.

I tried googling the problem, to find out if suppliers outside Lebanon are facing the same problems, but all i could find is cases where people forgot their supplements in heat and humidity

First of all, these problems happen when there is a problem with shipping and storage, and not because of the product. Second of all, its a shame that GNC refused to take responsibility for their mistakes. Although they continued the message saying that they will replace the damaged product since it’s a rock, they did not make any effort to apologize and take responsibility for that.

In fact this isn’t the only problem you will face with GNC Lebanon, and the other protein suppliers, as many of the products will have damaged sealing, and although only god knows how this happens,  many Lebanese  protein supplements store were penalized in the past for tampering the products, and selling starch and other stuff instead of the actual product.

Where does that leave us?

An insider told me that Gnc Armal was behind BodyBuilding.com’s decision to stop shipping to Lebanon last year. Which left Lebanese BodyBuilders with no choice but to shop from the Lebanese providers, or to actually ship the products to an Aramex inbox in the US, that is set to automatically redirect the goods to the Customer’s Lebanese address, although this way will the products will become as expensive as the ones in the Lebanese Market, they will have a better quality.