Siri Arabic is a complete disappointment

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Siri is definitely one of the best virtual assistants available. It has artificial intelligence that makes her/him answer pretty much any question that you ask, and even provide you with a laughter sometimes. With the release of iOS 9.2, Apple introduced the Siri Arabic.  Allowing iOS users in the mena region to be able to interact with their favorite virtual assistant using their native language .

Yet Apple has failed to keep the same glamour Siri had in other languages, as Siri Arabic lacks pretty much all the great features:

  •   Siri is unable to pronunciation Arabic correctly; the pronunciation words and syllable completely wrong. Which means that there is noway you can actually understand what Siri is saying unless you read the onscreen response.
  • It still doesn’t know how to search Wikipedia, for instance you can ask Siri in English  if someone is alive,  and it will answer back, and then display their Wikipedia page. But the Arabic version, simply searches for what you ask, and is somehow not integrated with Wikipedia.
  • Siri only speaks formal Arabic, and is not able to understand localized versions of Arabic like Lebanese, Syrian, and other versions of Arabic.
  • It can’t handle math problems!
  • It’s not able to joke, lacks all the humor we love in the normal Siri. For instance “tell me a story” will result in Siri searching for the exact words online.
  • It doesn’t understand how to set an alarm.

siri arabic doing math who is the president of the united states

Basically Siri Arabic is a complete disappointment. It lacks all the intelligence. Trying to please Its Arabic users, Apple launched a feature that is not ready to be launched. Although they Might have turned off artificial intelligence to avoid conflicts between the norms and rules of the American Society and the Arab World. But in return they lost what could have made Arabic Siri a meaningful addition to the Mena Region.