How Children Cancer Center Lebanon Bailed On Us

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At 17 years old, you’d expect a girl to start preparing for college, and to start working for the future she always dreamed about. But, few days after finishing the official Lebanese bac exams, my cousin 17 years old Yara Ismael, went to the hospital for routine checkup, and was diagnosed with leukemia cancer and directly entered comma.

While all of my family, and I were devastated, lost, confused and scared to the bones, I figured out that I should call the Children cancer center Lebanon for help and guidance. The very nice woman ensured me that they will do their best to help us, and follow back on the issue.

Yara’s young body couldn’t handle cancer, and she passed away few days later on on March 7, 2011.

The worst feeling in the world is to feel useless, while someone you grew up with, and someone so young pass away… It’s unfair, and devastating. I still remember how we used to Play Playstation together, how we used to run at my grandparent’s house, and how all the family used to gather up together, but now nothing is the same without her…

After Yara’s Funeral, I called back Children Cancer Center to ask them about what happened with them and following up the issue, they didn’t even give me an answer, the phone operator swallowed her tongue when I asked her ” What happened”. Then I went on and told her ” Well Yara has passed away, thank you a lot for your help”.

Children Cancer Center Lebanon Bailed On Us, they didn’t even care enough to apologize, or condole us, or even provide us with an explication.  Apparently Children Cancer Center, had a strategy for accepting to help or even guide children with cancer. I have no idea, about how they choose to help kids or not, it could be based on religion views, or even recommendations but either way Children Cancer Center proved that they’re scamming people. When you go and ask people to donate, so you can help children with cancer, you are obliged to help all the children regardless of any other condition, and regardless of any other criteria.

More over they should make all their financial documents, and admission related procedures available to public  for people to make sure that their donations are actually going to help kids. But until that happens, I can’t get over the fact, that Children Cancer Center, is just as ruined as our politicians, and that they’re scamming people into donating without doing what they promised in the first place.