Google photos Backup photos and videos for free on iOS and android

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How many times have you lost all of your photos because of an erased or damaged mobile?  Personally I really have a bad experience with storing photos the usual way.  I always end up losing my photos, from my mobile phone and my laptop. I even have around 3 dysfunctional hard drives and mobiles  with tons of pictures, that i wont be seeing again!

The past few weeks I came across “Google Photos” iOS application, and i installed it. Basically it’s an app that Save your device’s photos and videos to your private Google Photos library.  This application is a must-have application, for everyone.

What makes this application incredible, is that it goes beyond backing up pictures to many others great features such as:

  • All your photos are organized and labeled automatically, so you can find them fast, and share them how you like. Which  also means No More Duplicates.
  • Your photos are accessible anywhere you sign with your Google account, either on or even on the app on your mobile.
  • You are able to search your photo, based on date location, or even faces.
  • Deleting photos from your mobile, won’t affect the cloud, which means is that you can will always have more space for additional photos, with the ability to access your whole archive through the application.
  •  Yet the best feature yet is that you will get an Assistant, a smart feature in Google photos that will group your related images into a collage or even make an animation from them.

google photos new collage jed ismael

What is the difference between High Quality and Original?

Once you have the application installed, you have to chose if you want to backup your photos in original quality or high quality.

  • High quality: With the high quality option, you will get  Unlimited free storage for photos and videos that will probably be reduced in size or resolution. This options fits perfectly for most of us, as we will have the photos saved in a great quality for free.
  • Original: Yet if you decided you wanna save your photos in their original formats, the storage space you use will Count against your Google Account’s 15 GB of free storage, and you will have to upgrade your storage at some point if you chose to keep using this application.

How to set up the Google Photos?

All you have to do is :

  • download the application from PlayStore or Appstore
  • launch the application, sign in with your Google account.
  • give the application the right permissions
  • choose the quality you want your pictures to be backed up in
  • iOS only: Make sure background app refresh is turned on, so that the application can backup your photos whenever wifi is available. ( Settings >> General >>Background App Refresh)

Final Thoughts

Google Photos has exceeded all my expectation. It is a great app. You can easily upload as many as photos and videos from old hard drive, old computer disk, camera, and mobile phone without having to worry of running out of storage.

Do you have additional questions, or feedback on the app, share it in the comment box below, Happy free backups for life 🙂