Top 5 Lebanese Scandals that Didn’t Reach The Media

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Scandals are a part of our daily life in Lebanon, it’s a small country and nothing stays hidden. We’re all used by now to the controversy of scandals and rumors. And while most of the scandals get leaked to tv shows, and the news. There are few that remain unknown up until today, few that remain whispers behind closed walls. Here’s my list of the Top 5 Lebanese Scandals that Didn’t Reach The Media

haifa wehbe

Loto employee wins the Lebanese lottery

Loto has been a source of hope for many people around the world, for the payout it gives for the lucky winner who only has to buy that cheap lottery ticket. But at some point in the last few years, a loto employee has won the lottery, and since the laws forbids loto employees from playing that game, the employee has been sent to prison for a 6 month. However rumors has been saying that this specific winner, has kept the winning pot, and that he has used his job to cheat and win the lottery.

A Telecom operator was white-listing smuggled mobile phones using people’s database

Do you remember when Lebanese were requested to identity the mobile phones they import from outside, to whitelist them on the mobile networks? That didn’t last for long, and if you’re wondering why, whispers have been saying that a clerk at one of the mobile operating networks in Lebanon, was white listing smuggled phones using the network’s database of Identification cards and names. Making at least 10$ per smuggled phone the clerk was able to make thousands of dollars. Rumors say that he has been moved from his job.

Lebanese official Certifications for cash

It’s irritating that our Lebanese education program is outdated, and that it still evaluate people based on their ability to study and memorize materials that they’ll never use. Yet since we were young, we always had this friend that knows a guy, that can get you the certificate for cash. Despite the widespread of this phenomena it was never mentioned in the media, and although many people were brought down by the government for cheating the system and selling certifications, this whispers remained outside the media.

Lebanese official Exams Solved for cash

Another issue with the official exams, is that many times in the past, schools teachers and …. were accused of helping students cheat during their official exams, and of leaking the exams the day before. This scandal has been underrated by the media, I have no idea how big the cheating process is. Yet the government have been working hard to catch all the lawbreakers in the past few years.

Banks playing with interest on the government’s Housing loans

It’s almost impossible for Lebanese to buy a house without getting a loan, and the government has been really working hard to help people and provide loans with low interest to help them start their life. However the down-payment stays relatively high for many people to afford. Yet one of the Lebanese Banks offered its customers to pay their down payment for them. Sound too good to be true eh? Well it is, because this specific bank later illegally raised the loan interest imposed by the Lebanese government, to make more profit.