How I Increased My Organic Traffic By 200% in 6 months

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I’ve been an advocate of site performance, seo and optimization for a while now. And over the years I’ve taught my self a lot about websites, yet I never understood why people would neglect these factors. I have a modest blog, Sometimes it takes me a week, or even a month to come up with a new post. Yet just by focusing on these factors  I was able to double my blog’s traffic in 6 months, without paying for ads, or even changing my  posting-schedule.

Throughout my career I worked with many agencies, and most of them just neglect these factors when delivering a project,  sometimes because they don’t know how to do it,  and others just because they’re not getting paid for it. They just want to get the project done, so they move to the next one.  I’ve also seen so many popular blogs, that neglect these factors as well. While some of these bloggers, do their best to blog more than once in a single day, they still end up getting the same amount of traffic that I do, even if i don’t blog for a month or two, neglecting these factors is slowing their traffic’s growth, and keeping them from receiving the attention their blogs really deserve.

Let’s get back to UltGate, throughout the last few months I focused on improving my site’s speed, as well as the other factors. And although huge websites, have lost a big share of their organic traffic due to recent updates to Google’s Search Algorithim, I was able to easily double my traffic, and increase my revenue.

So what did do I do to optimize my site?

I keep my self updated with the search algorithm changes, and I apply all the new rules to the website as soon as possible. For instance I added SSL encryption to my blog, on the same day Google announced that it would be considered a factor in ranking websites ( although UltGate doesn’t collect any personal data about the site’s visitors). I optimized my site and got a full score on Google’s PageSpeed test, which by it self meant, optimizing my server, my code and the user’s experience. And it really paid off fast.

My Google Analytic Stats : Organic Traffic

If you notice around 85% of UltGate’s traffic comes from Search Engines, and from  February till July the organic traffic almost doubled.

google organic traffic ultgate

Bottom Line: You should dedicate more time to optimize your website

If you live under a rock and you don’t know what Google is, just Google it… What I am trying to say today, is that you should dedicate time, and money to improve your on-site SEO factors such as Site performance, and Usability. Google is the most important traffic source for your website, as People would turn to Google for personal and business purposes.


Here is a list of some random facts about my blogging journey that will tell you more about my strategy:

  • I do not believe that blogging more is better, so I never publish content just to keep my blog active
  • But, I managed to average one blog post every two weeks or so.
  • I never guest blogged either.
  • I never accepted guest bloggers, or paid articles.
  • I manage my own hosting server.
  • I made my own wordpress theme. ( the design is inspired from many websites)
  • I usually select a topic based on my stuff going on in my life. (Yes it’s personal!)
  • I try my best to write content that isn’t limited to time, and that will stay fresh keep getting traffic over the time.
  • I dedicate more time to optimize the site, then I do to write content.
  • I never paid for online advertisement.
  • I taught my self everything, using GOOGLE!

If you find that any of the above point lacks clarity or you need additional information about it, then let me know via a comment below and I will happy to help you.