Instantly Crash Your Friend’s iPhone By Sending This Sms

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Just like the titles says, you can easily crash anyone’s iPhone by sending a specific string of symbols and Arabic characters to another iPhone user.

The problem, which occurs when you receive a notification of a new iMessage either on a locked iPhone or as a drop-down iOS notification, causes iPhones to restart, and is preventing some users from accessing other legitimate messages that have been sent to them.


crashed iphone

The sequence of characters needed to remotely reboot an iPhone was originally posted on Reddit, and went viral on social media.

Is your Girlfriend/Boyfriend ruining your date this simple iOS Bug will allow you to ruin their day.

Here is the message that you need to send:




ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ 冗

Copy and paste ^^


The bug is caused by the way iOS handles Unicode. The only way to actually fix this bug for the moment is to actually turn off your message preview in notifications.

This is a proof that there is no such thing as a  bug free code. Enjoy 🙂