How To Spot A Psychopath

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One of my really close friends is a psychopath, and it’s something really strange for me, because for a while i thought he was my bro, and kind of my role model, until i came into terms with reality… when someone seems too good to be true, they usually are.

This article, was actually meant for my YouTube channel, but after writing it, i figured out it belongs here. And although i can’t share my whole story yet, in this article, i will try to share as much as i can, to help you identify this type of people in your life.


This friend appeared from nowhere but quickly became an important part of almost every area of my life. And because he was great at everything he did, it was impossible not to get sucked in into his world.

He supposedly told me all his secrets in order to encourage me to do the same, all these details about the rough and hard life, were completely made up.

Psychopaths are accomplished mimics, imitating your speech patterns and body language to create a rapport. In other words they will find a way to manipulate almost everyone around them, psychopaths are incredibly skilled at mimicking caring behavior. But it means nothing to them, and they do it only to get what they want.  

The main difference between psychopaths, and sociopaths, is that psychopaths organize and plan every single step so it fits their grand plan.

A psychopathic friend will work on getting your self-esteem is so low you’re incapable of escape. He will disappear for days, take money from your wallet, lie to you – yet make you feel you are over-reacting when you confront him. He will twist the situation so it’s you who ends up apologizing.

Are you friends with a psycho?

Without realizing, your boss, your friend or your partner could be a legit psychopath.

Here is How To Spot A Psychopath

  1. They are “willing and able to draw people in to get their needs met.”
  2. “They will break all kinds of rules – stealing, lying, cheating – and will do so right in front of you at times.”
  3. You Will Doubt Your Own Emotions Around Them, as their high IQ will use logic to turn anything you may say against you, this will cause you to second-guess your own actions because their logic is so perfect.
  4. Although they’re usually calm, and act wisely, rage is at their very core. They’re capable of doing anything, without feeling remorse. Don’t be surprised if they admit that they mutilated animals when they were younger.
  5. Their Charm Will Draw You In Instantly: they are charming. They smile correctly, laugh at your jokes, engage you and leave you with a serious impression. As time wears on, you realize this serves as an ulterior motive, allowing them to get what they want without actually investing any real emotional energy.
  6. You’ll Get Completely Caught Up In Them: They can alternate between rage and small expressions of approval, which proves to be a dangerous combination. This behavior has you thinking that you can win them over if you just try harder, which produces an addictive cycle of abuse if you’re not wary.
  7. Lying is in their second nature: They will tell grand ridiculous stories that weave in and out of the truth, complicating their lie to make it sound so fictional, that it has to be true.
  8. They’re Always Right:As far as they are concerned, they are never wrong, and because of that they will never apologize. Their belief that they are perfect and entitled to everything makes them invincible in their minds.
  9. They Are Incapable Of Love: Psychopath people are incapable of love; they cannot feel it the way that you or I might experience love. This causes friendships to be very one sided, a psychopath  does not see a friendship as a mutual experience but rather an instrument to be taken advantage of and used.