How To Reset and Remove Any Windows Password The Easy Way

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Forgot your Windows password? Learn how to reset and remove any Windows Password with this tutorial to regain access to your computer.

Unlocking any Windows Based computer is pretty much easy, all you need is a Linux bootable Usb or CD, to remove the password, or create a new administrator user if you’re breaking into other people’s pc.


Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor is a tool that understand Window’s user registry. And helps you unlock, remove, or add users.

This tool will:

  • Help you reset the password of any user on your Windows installation.
  • help you promote users( make them administrators)
  • unblock and enable users that are already blocked.
  • Works on all Windows Versions, up to Windows 8.1
  • You have to restart your computer and boot off a CD or USB disk to do the password reset.

enter username


If password is reset on users that have EFS encrypted files, and the system is XP or newer, all encrypted files for that user will be UNREADABLE! and cannot be recovered unless you remember the old password again If you don’t know if you have encrypted files or not, you most likely don’t have them.


How to use it ?

  • Download the image and burn it to an empty CD, or to a USB Drive.
  • Restart your machine and Get it to boot from the CD or USB drive.
  • Load drivers
  • Disk select, tell which disk contains the Windows system. Optionally you will have to load drivers.
  • PATH select, where on the disk is the system? (now usually automatic)
  • File select, which parts of registry to load, based on what you want to do.
  • Password reset or other registry edit.
  • Write back to disk (you will be asked)
  • The Usb/Cd and Restart the Computer