Instagram not working after update

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If you haven’t updated your instagram yet, don’t do it. As Today’s update will render stop your application from working.

instagram error

So it all started when Instagram pushed their new version to the appstore, i updated my Instagram, but then i was unable to like or follow ppl, so i thought the problem was from my iPhone. Trying to figure out what the problem is, i signed out and tried to sign back in, but Instagram didn’t allow me , saying that “Your Version of Instagram is out of date, please upgrade your app to login to instagram.”

After cracking my head against the wall for around an hour, I found out that many twitter users are complaining about the last update, and the application not working.

Apparently Instagram has pushed a version with invalid Api.

So , if you haven’t updated your instagram application don’t do it until Instagram issues a fix for this problem.

Update: Seems like Instagram has fixed the issue.