Three Tools To Hack And Test Apps and Sites

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Wondering which software is used for testing the security of your application? What is the best software to hack your favorite game or app? I have 3 favorite applications that can help you get the job done in no time.

This article said, along with the tools, you need skills to  be able understand the code, and to be updated with the latest security vulnerabilities, to test them against your applications and websites.



IBackupBot is a tool, that will help you manipulate the database saved by your mobile application on iOS devices. I’ve made so many tutorials about using this tool in the pass. As it always comes handy to give you extra lives and coins. Or just to show you how the application works.

Data Tamper:

DataTamper is a Mozilla Firefox add-on, that helps you monitor the data sent between pages on any websites. If the data is not encrypted you will be able to modify it, and get the result that you want. You can use this tool to make sure all the data sent across your website is being encrypted, and can’t be modified.


Well this is kind of my favorite tool, since it will allow you to send all your mobile’s traffic to it, giving you the ability to monitor the data, and links used by your application. What makes it really essential, and important, is that it actually can decrypt your HTTPS traffic, and re-encrypt it with another Certificate, so most application won’t even notice. Which will actually show you that at least 80% of the mobile applications installed on your mobile, are actually vulnerable to Man-In-The-Middle attack. Where the hacker is usually able to intercept  and manipulate the data sent from and to your mobile.

The Ability of these tools is limited to how good you are:

These are certainly three of the most powerful debugging, hacking, and testing tools. Yet their ability is limited to how much you know about using them, and how good you are at discovering and analyzing.

These tools can be used to hack: online magazines [hint], iPhone apps, and websites. In fact in the past you could even break Joomla CMS, using only the data tamper plugin. Same way people were able intercept WhatsApp’s conversation with Fiddler.