Fix Black screen playing YouTube and Adobe flash videos on Firefox

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Ever tried to watch YouTube, or internet videos, on Mozilla Firefox, and got a black screen showing instead of the video, even though the sound was playing?

youtube black screen fix

Yesterday I was having this issue with various internet videos here’s what you should try before assuming it’s a hardware issue:

  1. Disable your ad blocker
  2. install a newer version of flash player
  3. disable all the other addons, if the video works fine, then enable them one by one to know the one causing the problem
  4. try using the html5 player

If all the above fails to fix the issue, It has to be a hardware issue, so simply go to firefox menu ≡ > options > advanced > general and disable hardware acceleration, then restart your browser for the setting to take effect.

Additionally make sure that you have an update driver for your video card:

AMD drivers can be downloaded here:

NVidia drivers can be downloaded here :