Macintosh Tor’s Only one Firefox window can be opened at once”Error Fix

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You may have noticed that most of  Mac users suffer from multiple problems when asking for advice. Because devs, and geeks prefer using more flexible OS, such as Windows or Ubuntu. I’m don’t use Macintosh either, but I received a message from my friend on twitter, saying that she’s unable to use tor on mac, because it gives an Error saying only one Firefox window can be opened at once, although she didn’t even have Firefox opened.

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hey Jed how are you?:) i have a question. I used to use tor on windows , but now it wont work on mac . I have Firefox installed and every time i open tor it says “only one Firefox window can be opened at once”  Is it normal? and even if i quit Firefox it still gives me this, should i just uninstall firefox?


Try making a copy of Tor’s folder, and open tor from the new copy that you just have made, if it works; the issue would be some wrong ownership/permission settings. So just use the new copy you just made, and delete the old one.

If it doesn’t work : Look at your Macintosh “Activity Monitor” to see what is running. You don’t have to use the terminal to do this. You can kill processes from the Activity monitor. Also if a file is locked, usually it won’t respond to any commands until you unlock the file which usually means closing it from the application that you opened from.

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