Class and other Lebanese shops sell used iPhones as new

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this is probably old news for some people, as class has always been acused of replacing the original charger and earphones, with chinese ones. Yet now something strange caught my attention a few weeks ago, my friend bought a  new iPhone 6 from class. 

iphone 6 box

Although the iphone was still in the box and sealed when bought, when i compared the IMEI in settings with the one on the box. I got two different IMIEs. 

Which left me shocked for a while until, i asked so many people so many questions. How could they do that? And if they faced similar situations, which  actually led to this praticular conclusion….

Although the possibility of Apple wrongly boxing the products somehow exists. I beleive that at some level Class and the other retailers are buying refurbished phones, and repacking them as new. 

Add to that, if you buy an electronic device at any of the other stores(virgin megastore, and apple shop), and decide to return it, They will repackage it, and seal it, to sell it as a new product for the next customer. 

Customers have the right to know if their “newly bought” devices are actually new, or used. And its a total rippoff and a crime, to desceive customers and sell them used iPhones as new. I wouldn’t expect to pay 800$ for a used iPhone 6.