Apple’s iTunes and AppStore are down [update:back online]

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If you have failed to install an app or download music from Apple’s Itunes, and Appstore, you’re not the only one. As  Apple is having a really bad Wednesday. The iTunes Store, App Store and Mac App Store are suffering outages and the company’s app submission service iTunes Connect is down. Screenshot-2015-03-11-09.47.31-798x310


While the front pages of both the App Store and Mac App Store are accessible, and search functionality is also working,  you’re still unable to purchase or download anything. The problems seem to be geographically inconsistent – it appears to be possible to download apps from the Indian App Store but music tracks aren’t accessible there

The company’s status page shows all its services working correctly but that clearly isn’t the case.

update: seems like apple’s servers are back online after around 11 hours of being down.