Whatsapp Plus is a spyware that steals your passwords

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WhatsApp Plus has already been launched a while ago and is not at all genuine as it is not associated with the Facebook-owned WhatsApp.
Many users including my self have at some level installed this app and tried it, for its features that helps you improve your privacy. Until recently Whatapp released a statement saying that this third party code could not be trusted.
Although Whatsapp’s statement, was in doubt by millions of users including my self. Few research and analysis will actually prove that Whatsapp plus is a spyware.


It all made sense to me, when my Friend Nour was telling me yesterday that someone has logged into her Facebook from an unknown location, causing the account to lock. After I asked her if she denied having used a public computer, and sharing her passwords with anyone, only one question came into my mind!? Are you using Whatsapp plus?

When she said yes, My world made sense again… I mean the way this app works is suspicious, first its a free app, that actually manipulates Whatsapp’s code to give you extra features. Where as the application it self has access to everything on your mobile ( that’s how it gets your whatsapp info).

I know that Google Play and Apple’s Store have some debatable restrictions on some awesome applications, but if you’re not an expert, and if you can’t scan applications on your own to make sure they’re safe, you should not install applications from outside the official stores.

The first thing you have to do is to remove Whatsapp Plus and change all of your passwords, before someone actually use them to harm you, or maybe send your embarrassing (nude) pics to everyone.