How To disable Whatsapp read and delivery receipts On iPhone

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Its not a shocker that Whatsapp has found a new way to strip you from your privacy. It has been updated with a new feature that will let you know that when your message was read. This new update has disappointed a lot of people. So Here’s how to disable Whatsapp’s read and delivery receipts on iPhone.


  1. You need to JailBreak your iPhone with Pangu for iOS 8,or Evasion for iOS7
  2. After Jailbreaking your iPhone go to Cydia, sources and add BigBoss (
  3. Refresh your sources
  4. click on the BigBoss source you just added, then all packages, and then search for Whatsapp+ and install it
  5. after that your phone finished restarting go to Whatsapp>> settings and you will find out a new section under the name Whatsapp+ Settings. Click on it ,and disable read and delivery receipts as u desire.

In addition to disabling the receipts for all of your contacts, you can disable them contact by contact. This is a great and easy fix to your privacy settings.

Downside: I’ve noticed that the plugin displays few ads on the top of your chat screen. And since Whatsapp server are fooled and don’t know if you received your messages or not, they will keep sending you notification of the same chat.

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