Make A Change:An open letter to my fellow Humans

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I live in a place where there are many of us, individuals.  It has come to my attention that many of my friends act like robots. I regret this because it really vanquish their chance of being successful and happy. It’s shameful really so I am writing this to ask for your help in improving our future and hopefully impact those afraid of making a change.

In the past few decades, the debate over Civil liberties has exploded, fueled by Revolutions and Hollywood’s effect on people.

female-oppression-susan-solak Having been in a part of the world, where discrimination goes beyond race and beliefs, I have seen the worst of oppressing people . I’ve met some of the very brightest and most interesting people right here. But It’s a joke really. For a human with any shred of integrity-it’s ridiculous to watch so many amazing people being reduced to “robots”.  I’m sure you agree that these exploits do not reflect the decency and honor most of us aspire to.

break the chains of oppresion

What is oppression?

No matter which definition you use, oppression is when people reduce the potential for others be fully human. In other words, oppression is when people make other people less human. This could mean treating them in a dehumanizing manner. But, it could also mean denying people opportunities that might make them become fully human in both mind and body.

People should be free to pursue life plans in their own way. Oppressive forces seek to diminish those plans and thus those people as well.

I could pretend I’m Blind…

I could continue to pretend to be blind to what goes on around me. I could pretend to ignore yet another dreamer being oppressed and then living an empty life, imposed upon him. I’ll admit, I have often confronted people that wanted to oppress me, and jail me into a spiritual prison. One which will diminish my individuality and make me fit in the crowd. It’s never easy to stand up, and defend your right to be who you really are, but I ensure to you, it’s much easier than having to wake up miserable everyday, feeling out of place and worthless.

What can we do?

Bottom line: I will no longer ignore that at one time or another, when someone feels unsafe, uncomfortable or outright harassed while they are trying to be individuals, and make their own destiny. I will speak up, And so should you.

You don’t have to fear discrimination, harassment, and other threats, just because you’re being true to yourself, and pursuing your goals. But what I have begun to do, what all of us need to begin doing, is questioning how we can make our environment safer and more comfortable for everyone.

Enough is enough… Sure, we can always complicit in many ways, by buying into the stereotypes and cliches foisted on us by the society. By giving other people the explicitly wrong impression that’s it’s better to live their life as they’re being told to. But that’s the main problem here, if every single person abides to the society’s pressure and refuse to make a change, we’ll end up with a bunch of robots that are replaceable and pretty much worthless.

Make no mistake about this. When people harass they undermine a very basic human right to autonomy that is fundamental in a free society. People have a right to be true to themselves, in public without fear of approbation or infringement at all, at any time.

In most societies, women, Blacks, Asians, Arabs, and gays live under threats of violence. And in at least some regions, Muslims, Christians, Jews, and atheists must fear violence as well. All forms of sexual violence and hate crimes are prevalent examples of violent oppression. Most, if not all, violent oppression is the direct result of xenophobia (an intense and irrational fear of people, ideas,or customs that seem strange or foreign).

Sadly, sexual and racial discrimination are not the only forms of oppression, as individuals are often being discriminated for the simplest reasons, such as Parents forcing their children to become doctors and lawyers, just because of the money and prestige,  “else they’ll become failure to them”. Parents and Societies have these perfect forged image of happiness, and they’re abusing individuals right to pursue their passion and be really true to themselves.

Every single act can contribute to an environment that makes individuals feel safe, and motivate them to pursue their own journey. When we inappropriately interact with any individual, we create an unsafe environment that causes themm to question their place in it, we make the world unsafe for humans, and dehumanize them. And make them get rid of all the qualities that makes them unique, to fit just like every other lifeless robot. Think about it.

Never lose sight of this and you will change your attitude, today. If you are like me and believe we can do something about oppressing individuals then please retweet this article with the hashtag #MakeAChange, thank you for reading.