LibanPost Clears Up The Tax Rumors, but Forgets The rest of the issues.

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LibanPost has replied to my post about shipments from abroad and delayed deliveries. And although their reply is highly appreciated, they didn’t care to explain anything to customers earlier; they were delivering international packages to customers in Lebanon, until they changed their mind out of the sudden, without even informing anyone.

liban post

liban post

In their reply they only addressed the tax issues, without addressing  the delay of delivering goods, and failing to update the tracking number and organize the goods? They forgot to address the complaints listed on LebGeeks as well all over the internet.  Some had to pay  taxes for a 6$ mouse, others were not receiving a university degree by post-mail for unknown reasons, a lot of  lost packages, and  even some clients had to go to LibanPost and search for their packages because nobody could do that for them.
Here’s their full comment :

Jad, we would like to clarify the below:
Mail entering Lebanon from abroad (including China) first arrives at the LibanPost Headquarters – Beirut Sorting Center. As per the postal law, LibanPost sends the packages to the Lebanese Customs for assessment of value or the presence of prohibited or restricted goods. Mail parcels must meet the Lebanese and International postal requirements regarding weight, size, and measurements. Items not subject to duties or taxes are released for delivery.
Some items are subject to further inspection or duty and tax assessment before release and LibanPost has not the right to impose any tax or fee in this case.
All goods arriving to Lebanon through the postal channel must have a Customs Declaration fixed on the package. The Customs Declaration is checked by the Lebanese Customs to assess how much tax and/or duty is payable.
Customs officers sometimes need to examine the contents of a package – particularly when the sender has not completed the declaration fully. The declaration should include a description of the goods, their value, and whether they are gifts, commercial or personal items. If you are ordering or sending any goods from abroad, you – as the importer of goods – are legally responsible for the information on the Customs Declaration and for any charges due. If you are ordering goods remotely, for example over the Internet or by mail order, it is in your own interest to make sure that the sender abroad makes a complete and accurate declaration.
As per the Customs’ law, all incoming items with a value less than 200,000 LBP will be exempted from any charges or fees. It is important to note that all incoming items still have to be cleared by the Customs and LibanPost will deliver right after clearance.