Liban Post Couldn’t Care less about you or your shipments!

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Greed has got into LibanPost management, when the number of shipments from outside Lebanon rose the last few years. People got sick of paying too much for stuff in the Lebanese market while they can get pretty much the same goods for a much lower price online.


LibanPost holding shipments, they simply don’t have time for you!

A lot of my friends have not received what they have ordered from AliExpress  4 months ago. Rumors is that LibanPost is not delivering shipments over 130$ because they want a commission. But way too many orders over and under 100$ were not delivered to customers. While shipping companies ensure to clients that the goods have arrived to Lebanon, LibanPost is confusing customers; Sometimes by saying that ” they don’t work for AliExpress, they don’t have time for it”,  or by saying that the goods are stuck at “LEBANON-BEIRUT SORTING CENTRE”.

In fact check out this post at Lebgeeks about how LibanPost is handling AliExpress shipment, you will be shocked from the carelessness, chaos and rude service of Liban Post. click here

There is no official response from Liban Post till date, but LibanPost is in chaos, obviously there is something wrong going on in the management.  Liban Post needs to be clear to both customers and merchants by defining a clear process and applying it. Because at the moment both clients and merchants are the victims of a spoiled and rotten postal system.