Israeli Viber is spying on you

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People might think that Israeli Viber was made to allow people to make free calls  but , in fact this  voice-over-IP phone application is more dangerous than that .

Why we think  Israeli Viber is spying on you!?israeli viber

  1. Viber was founded by Israelis, more over the same people who found IMesh , according to,  IMesh which started as a music sharing application , ended up by installing spywares  on the computers of the users who install it .
  2. Privacy , according to their privacy statement “A copy of your address book will be stored on our servers and will be used to…” more over the calls that you make on Viber are being logged and recorded on those server , and yes they  may share your personal data with 3rd parties they “trust”!.
  3. Viber are trying to hide their identity , but a Google Search will help you make sure of all the information mentioned in this article .

Do you know who founded Israeli VIBER !???

Well his name is Talmon Marco !   Talmon served for four years in the Israel Defense Forces and held the position of CIO of the central command.  He graduated Cum Laude from the Tel-Aviv University with a degree in Computer Science and Management.


So, will you give away all your contact lists and call logs to guys who made money from spyware distribution?

This article is not meant to be against any nationality , the big issue  is that Viber Team are continuously  doing their best to hide their identity ,  but why ?


To note that  , this application  by default will have access to your messaging inbox , gps location, your phone and all of the data saved on the mobile .

Sum up  : Viber is an Israeli spying application,  which clearly has 2 goals , the first is to gather data and sell it , and the second is to send this data to the Israeli government so they use this information against you .



the privacy statement have been updated , they only share your information to

(a) comply with the law, or legal process served on us;

(b) protect and defend our rights or property (including the enforcement of our agreements); or

(c) act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of our services or members of the public.



But still we are asking , which law? and how can user’s data defend your right or property ?

And there’s no word from them on Why they are hiding their origin yet .

 Update 2:

Although that all the information in this article are accurate, all the other chat applications are spying on you in a way or another.