how to use wordpress as a proxy

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How many times have you were unable to access a website at school or work, because your IT administrator blocks it? Many free tools are available online to help you bypass the restriction like UltraSurf, but this tools are often supported by ads. If you want to be able to surf the internet smoothly you definitely have to have your own proxy.

If you’re advanced user, refer to my article about installing your own vpn, otherwise here’s a very easy way to have your own proxy within minutes.

wordpress proxy

How to transform your WordPress installation into a proxy:

You will need a running WordPress installation and a plugin named repress.

  1.  Open your WordPress admin dashboard, choose Settings -> Permalinks and select any format for your Permalinks other than the default option. Save the changes.
  2. Then go to Plugins -> Add New and search for Repress in the WordPress plugin repository. Install and activate the plugin.
  3. Go to Settings -> Repress and add one or more domain names that you would like to access from work. Save.


Your proxy server is now ready for use. If your WordPress site URL is, you can access a site like using the URL