Apple’s iTunes Charged me 2.99$ For A Free Application

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Two days ago, I downloaded a free application on my iPhone, called “The Whole Pantry”.  I’ve been using  iTunes store for years now, and I was a very satisfied customer. I never faced any problem with iTunes until today. itunes logo Few hours ago, iTunes sent me a receipt by email, charging me 2.99$ for this application, while the application is listed for free, and the only in-app item is for 1.99$.  Usually when you buy an application you get a confirmation popup if it’s not free, and although I was charged for this free application, I never got any confirmation popup. You might want to checkout the screenshots at the end of the post for the receipt, and the listing of the application. I have no idea how such thing could happen, a bug could be on the system, but this is a very dangerous issue and should be fixed asap. Many people over the internet are complaining about the same issue (being charged with in-app and application purchases they never made), but Apple shouldn’t wait for problems to happen to solve them, they should fix their ordering system, and prevent such behaviors.   These are the screenshots, first picture is the receipt,  and the second is the application’s listing on iTunes store:

itunes receipt screenshot

The Whole Pantry