How To Upload Custom Videos To Vine On iPhone

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I’ve had an account on Vine for a while now, I just never tried to use it until very recently. I have no idea why, but it doesn’t allow you to upload videos from your media library, you can only upload videos that you shoot with vine.

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If you want to upload custom videos to your Vine account, you’re gonna need a computer.

  1. Download and install iBackupBot, you’re gonna need this software to be able to go through vines files and upload your video.
  2. download Miro Video Converter : You will need this software to re-size your video to Vine’s video dimension 480 x480  MP4 format
  3. Launch Vine and start recording the Vine video. DO NOT reach the time limit of the Vine. For me, I stop recording one the green check mark appears. What you record doesn’t matter because it will be overwritten by your edited file. –
  4. Connect your iOS device to your computer via your USB connector.
  5. Open iBackupBot and wait till it reads your iPhone , then go to your mobile on the left corner >>User application files >>Vines
  6. In the Vine folder go to documents >> currents
  7. You will see a copy of the video you shot with your vine and a thumb
  8. Now click on import files, and import the video that you want to upload to the directory
  9. copy the name of the cached file in my case it’s “cutfile-1392201411.9473.mp4”, the file should be the last file modified in the directory.
  10. rename the file to x
  11. and rename your file to the cached file’s name “cutfile-1392201411.9473.mp4”
  12. now click refresh, go to your iPhone and Open Vine
  13. just click on save for later and exit to the main screen of vine
  14. Go back to the Vine app and click on the green checkbox. Click on the already managed clipped in the bottom and your video will appear.
  15. add description and publish it

So what’s cool about this?

I really don’t like Vine and Personally i don’t think posting a video from your library is worth going through all this but content creators using this method to promo their content. An edited video Tweet that is a teaser to your produced Web video.