Clean Up Your iTunes Library Now: Fix Mislabeled Song Info And More

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Don’t you hate it  when our Music library gets messed up?  iTunes is very little help in this regard, offering the most minimal of tools. In other words  it will take you hours to organize your music using iTunes and you will probably give up after the first few songs.

Many awesome plug-in for iTunes that cleans up your digital music library are available the only problem is that the free application are very limited compared to what the paid application offers.  Here are The Best tools available online that helps you to easily fix your music library.

mp3 tag


MP3Tag offers many more options for fixing up your songs data, you can fix as many songs as you want the only problem is that you’ll have to go threw them one by one.  First select the track then click on  “Tag Sources” from the menu. You’ll see a drop-down menu with tag sources. Pick one, I like to pick amazon because I’ve had good luck with it, and you’ll be asked to enter the Album Name. Do so and if you’re lucky the tag source you’ve selected will contain the record you’re looking for. If it doesn’t try another tag source until you get a match.  Click here to download Mp3Tag windows version only.


rinse music


Although Rinse not free , it’s  one of the  best tools that  seamlessly organize and repair your iTunes music library.  Powered by an  RealNetwork’s intelligent online database which finds what you need without searching or typing.Unfortunately  not all features work  in the free version and you can only fix 50 songs.  You’ll have  buy Rinse to get the most of this software. click here to download  the Free Version.



NeatMusic a a program very similar to Rinse, indeed one of the best Intelligent Song Identification, it will help you find Missing Information ,Identify Any Song  and Corrects Songs Info. The free version of this software allows you to fix 100 songs. Click here to download the free version.