Top 5 Sites That I Check Every Day

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Most of you check news portals everyday but I hate politics and you should too, you should use your time online to learn new skills, improve your knowledge and learn new stuff.

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You should always try to learn new skills because it will help you get a raise, find a better job, and improve your life overall, so here is a list of websites you should check daily :

  1. Wonderhowto : On Wonder How To you will find “how to” articles on pretty much any topic you want, from technology to food.
  2. LebaneseBlogs : Lebanese blogs is a really good website, it saves you time going through all the blogs by displaying the latest posts from Lebanon’s top bloggers.
  3. MensFitness: MensFitness is definitely the best online magazine when it comes to Sports, Fitness, Health,  and Nutrition. You can always learn new nutrition or working out tips from it.
  4. AppsHopper: Apps Hopper is an awesome website where you can apple store’s app listings, news, and price drops.
  5. TechPP:  A Tech Blog covering Tech News, Views, Reviews on iPhone, Android, Online tools, Social media, Gadgets and Windows.