Fraud Alert : I Featured But They’re Frauds

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  • Tech

I received a email from JustUnfollow’s team, asking me to feature their news on my blog.  So I checked the application which sells memberships, and I asked for my Blog Post to be featured on their official twitter, a request which JustUnfollow approved.

Well, I shouldn’t have trusted them, They’re Frauds!

The next day, when my blog post came out, it got shared on the ” Arabic twitter” which had around 1 k followers but it wasn’t mentioned on their popular English account, which was my only request.

Upon asking about the issue, the person with whom I was in contact  and said he will follow up the issue, and he wasn’t able to do anything obviously, he couldn’t do what we agreed on in the first place.

Until they prove me wrong, JustUnfollow are frauds and you should not do business with them or use their services! Companies with no ethics can and will definitely use your twitter account to sell followers, spam others and abuse your account!