Grow Your Twitter Presence in 2014 with JustUnfollow and HootSuite

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If you haven’t used Hootsuite yet, its a Social Media Management System that helps you keep track and manage your many social network channels, from one web-based dashboard.

JustUnfollow has now integrated with HootSuite (on the 8th of January 2014)

As of this January 2014, you can start growing your Twitter presence simply by adding JustUnfollow app to your HootSuite account. JustUnfollow will help you Find your Twitter unfollowers, Gain followers and grow your Twitter.
Adding JustUnfollow is very easy all you have to do is click here and install it.

JustUnfollow Features:

JustUnfollow in Hootsuite

  • Non-Followers: Find and unfollow tweeps you follow who do not follow you back
  • fans: Find and follow tweeps who follow you but you are not following them back
  • Who Unfollowed Me: Find tweeps who stopped following you
  • Who Followed Me: Find tweeps who started following you
  • Friend Check: Check your relationship with a particular twitter user
  • Copy Followers: Follow the followers of any other twitter account. Admire a twitter account’s followers? You can follow them using this feature

The JustUnfollow app has been growing at a crazy pace

The JustUnfollow app hit 6 million users this month, while having only 1 million users back in August 2012. JustUnfollow got also a new cool feature recently, called Keyword Follow, that lets users find the most active and engaged Twitter users who are using specific keywords. For instance, users can now find users tweeting about “Miley” in USA. This feature has immense potential to help users grow their Twitter network and is being used several million times daily already.

JustUnfollow helps grow not only Twitter but also Instagram too, and it’s available on Android and iOS store.