Twitter Reverts The Changes To Block Functionality

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After receiving outraged and concerned feedback from many users, Twitter reverts the change they made Thursday to the block functionality.

The earlier update was a a nightmare.  According to a statement put out on Thursday evening this is the was the new blocking policy:

 If your account is public, blocking a user does not prevent that user from following you, interacting with your Tweets, or receiving your updates in their timeline. If your Tweets are protected, blocking the user will cause them to unfollow you.

twitter changes block setting

With that option even if you block someone who is harassing you, that person becomes invisible to you but they are free to follow you and RT you into their timeline, allowing them to keep harassing you and to encourage their followers to also harass you.

Reverting this change to the block function, users are once again able to tell that they’ve been blocked.  In a statement released on their blog Twitter added :”– we never want to introduce features at the cost of users feeling less safe. Any blocks you had previously instituted are still in effect.”