Cold Weather Makes Your Mobile Battery Discharge Faster

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Do you normally leave your phone out in sub freezing temps? Cold environment may affect battery performance and make your Mobile discharge faster.

cold phone battery

Many Mobile  Manufacturers including Blackberry, Samsung, and Apple, prefer to use Lithium-ion polymer batteries because these batteries have a high power density that gives the user a long battery life. But as Cold temps slow down the chemistry in batteries, it reduces their capacity to make electricity.This means that the lower the temperature, the less power the battery can provide.

Li-Ion Polymer batteries have the best discharge capacity at around 20°-30° C, the capacity starting to drop off at a slower rate from 20° down to just below 0° C.

When the temperature is not convenient for your mobile, only use it for emergency because using your phone for extended periods will  increase the risk for damage. You should not put your phone in the sun, or in  a hot pocket. Battery life is also lowered by heat having your battery in a temperature lower than 0° C and 35° C may permanently damage your battery’s capacity.