Bring Start Menu Back to Windows 8 & 8.1 For Free

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Microsoft  removed Start button and menu from Windows 8, making your experience much harder. The Start menu is really useful to access or execute a variety of different functions within Windows, accessing the registry editor, quickly accessing a shortcut to favorite program, or whatever.

Here’s how to Bring Start Menu Back to Windows 8 & 8.1 For Free:


Window 8 Start Menu by Pokki

poki start menu

Window 8 Start Menu by Pokki  helps you Access to the most important stuff on your PC, search,access your apps, files,  and control panel. It also helps you Pin and organize your favorite apps and websites just like you would on your smartphone this programs comes completely for free Download .

Start 8

windows 8 start menu

 One of the best programs available is Start 8 it helps you bring back the Windows 7-style Start menu with the ability to Search for Windows 8-style (Modern UI) apps, Pin desktop and Metro apps to the start menu, Jump List support, Unified Search for apps, settings and files, Boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop and allow One click access to shut down, devices, music, documents, and videos

Start 8 comes with a 30 days free trial, available for only $4.99 after your trial ends. Download