How to remove usb .exe virus/malware

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The most viral  viruses are USB viruses, once you plug in your USB into an infected computer/device, it becomes infected and starts infecting other computers.

Those viruses are not detected by most of the antiviruses; they might detect the .exe file on the the USB , but your computer will become infected anyway !

This problem is caused by the way Windows is programmed; because everybody uses the same versions of Windows,when a computer running under windows gets infected , all the other computers running under windows will get infected, simply because it is the same software  and it has the same weaknesses!

Some of the Symptoms of being infected by a malware/virus:

  1. you can’t access to your computer’s task manager (alt+ctrl+delete)
  2. your  windows keeps crashing/restarting
  3. you find .exe files in your folders
  4. your usb has an autorun
  5. your msn/im sends messages to your friends

Before you start, please know that combofix will only clean the viruses/malware upon running , it will not be installed like other antiviruses so you actually have to get an antivirus to keep your computer virus free.

First you have to download ComboFix ; ComboFix is a free program, created by sUBs, that scans your computer for known malware, and when found, attempts to clean these infections automatically. download

if you the computer keeps restarting or doesn’t allow you to download , restart it and  while loading press F8 and chose to run in safemode.

the program must download in safe mode

Second : turn off your antivirus/anti-spyware

Third: run the program ,and wait until it finishes , do not run any program till it finishes!

Your Computer should be clean now!