BBM Vs WhatsApp Why You Should Switch

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Over the past few years Whatsapp has replaced SMS.  But now that BBM is cross-platform, you should reconsider using Whatsapp.

The main issue is that while BBM messages are sent via PIN to PIN,  Whatsapp still has it done through mobile numbers. Whoever you have in your contacts list that has this application installed on their smartphone will appear in your list. While some of you won’t really know the downside of this issue, the following is a perfect example of why the Whatsapp way is not the best.

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The Metro has reported that a WhatsApp user noticed a friend being active on the instant messaging client two years after his death. This would be enough to shock and confuse anyone! The reason this occurred is that the mobile number had been reassigned to a new user and therefore the poor chap that had passed away was not in fact able to WhatsApp from heaven, but instead it was a new random person with the same phone number.

Online security expert Graham Cluley said: ‘It’s clearly very distressing for the friends and family of someone who has passed away to suddenly see them apparently “alive and active” on WhatsApp.’

He suggested it would be better if the app required a password or email address when users register ‘rather than just asking for a second-hand phone number’.

Mr Cluley added: ‘WhatsApp has become immensely successful in a very short time, and a serious of security and privacy scares make me feel that the service is attempting to run when it’s barely learnt how to walk.’ CrackBerry


Personally I really that that everyone who has your number will be able to check the last time you used the application, and even if you turned off the last seen people will still be able to see if you’re currently online chatting.  WhatsApp allows everyone who has your number to break your privacy, even work, your boss can spy on you and check if you’re using the application at work, which will get you in troubles and probably fired.

So, make sure you don’t get stalked unknowingly. Use a messaging application that will safeguard your privacy like BBM. Its your smartphone and your life. You should be able to do whatever you want without getting asked why you’re online chatting and not replying to “them”.