Instagram autolike 2.0

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Finally i had time to optimize and improve my Instagram script. The main reason behind releasing the new version is the unability to support and help all the requests that I’ve received.

From now on I will addressing all the issues that people face in new releases. Feel Free to follow me on twitter and Github as well as to share this article and my website!.

What’s new in Instagram autolike  2.0 :

  • The script is now faster thanks to Twitter’s Bootstrap.
  • Installation is easier only 4 steps required.
  • ability to  search images using hash-tags.
  • ability to view your pictures, and the most popular images.
  • Html code is being generated under images and videos
  • Code is more optimized allowing other devs to modify the code easily

Get the new version on Github.

UltGate and I are noway affiliated with Instagram, do Not use this script to violate Instagram terms.