Alexa is biased: Get certified to increase traffic rank

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One of the most popular metrics for deciding websites popularity is Alexa.

How does Alexa Work?

Alexa is toolbar which people can install on their browsers to help them track websites popularity. So Alexa only tracks the visits by those who have their toolbar installed.

Why Alexa is not accurate?

webmasters fail to count all their website traffic

The most obvious reason is that few people have this toolbar installed, specially that Alexa toolbar is not available for Safari browsers and therefore mac and IPad users are not being included in the stats.

Alexa is biased   :Get certified  to increase Alexa traffic rank

The fastest way to boost your ranking on Alexa, and have an advantage over your competitors is getting your site certified.

As explained on  their website What’s Included in Getting Certified : ” Accurate metrics presented in a private dashboard. Unlike some solutions, we examine all of your traffic.”

Which means that you have to buy the tracking service from them, else they wont count all of your traffic.  In other words  you have to pay more if you want rank higher.

So bottom of the line, Alexa aims to get people to buy their products, their ranking service is used to promote their business and can never be fair and accurate.