why you should get your own vpn today

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A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, it enables a computer to send and receive data across a shared or public network in a secure way.



Using a VPN  will allow you bypass firewalls  to access content blocked by your ISP, or even encrypt your connection and make it secure when you access the internet from public areas. Most of the online proxies are not reliable, and not secure.

Online networking with computers over the internet:

Once connected to VPN, all of the computers on one are effectively on the same network, meaning they can communicate as if they were right next to one another, plugged in to the same router.

You can use your VPN on your pc, tablet or even mobile! Anywhere and everywhere.
Although Many websites are offering VPN services for a low price. You can check express-vpn.com ,privateinternetaccess.com and many other websites for competitive prices.

But setting up VPN on your own server  is way more secure; you will have your own server, configured specially for you, with none else having  access to it but you.

If you don’t have the knowledge required to setup your own server, either buy a VPN or get someone professional to set it up for you.

 Here is one of the articles that will help you setup your own VPN on your server: Installing and Configuring OpenVPN on CentOS 6.