How to automatically BackUp files and databases In GoDaddy

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Godaddy offers a daily backup to your files, but since they don’t offer any backup help to your databases, you can use this script to backup both files and databases.
Godaddy Backup script allows you to automatically Backup GoDaddy Files and Databases.
This Script is built to backup Go Daddy websites and their databases on a shared host. Also, with a slight modification, the script should also work for any other host.


How to setup the automatic database and files backup:

  1. Get the script from Github
  2. Make sure to fill the “Configuration” section before uploading the script
  3. upload the script via ftp
  4. In order to run the script automatically, a cron job needs be setup. To setup a Cron job, go to your Web Hosting Panel, and search for “Cron Job Manager”.
  5. Create a new cron job, and choose how often do you want the backup to occur.