Free VPN unblocks sites and applications in IOS/ANDROID

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Have you ever been at school or work  and you couldn’t access the applications and sites you love?

This article helps you setup a free Free VPN  that Unblocks sites and application for free  in Windows, OSX,iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Tablets & Routers!

Follow our steps and use these free VPN service on IOS/ANDROID and even windows to enjoy complete freedom for free.

General Configuration:

use the US PPTP VPN in Windows, OSX,iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Tablets & Routers!

PPTP Server:
PPTP Username: free
PPTP Password: 2181

Phone setup: (iPhone4,  iPhone 4s, iPhone 5)

Choose Settings > General > VPN and then choose Add VPN Configuration.

Choose PPTP then fill out the fields with the following information:
Description: UltGate
Account: free
After filling out the information, press “Save”.

Once you’ve created a VPN configuration, the option to turn VPN on or off appears in the main Settings screen. When you are connected using VPN, the VPN icon appears in the status bar.

Update: If the password in this tutorials did not open this link to get a password