Play Red Alert 2 on windows 7 and vista network

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1-How to PLAY Red Alert 2 on windows 7 and vista?

to play Red Alert 2 on windows vista /7 , go to the game installation root, right click on “Game.exe” , go to the ” Compatibility” tab , under “run this program in compatible mode for”  select windows XP

to play the game you’ll have to right click on RA2.EXE and click on “Run as administrator to”

2- how to play Ra2 network on windows 7 and vista

simply download the file attached and move it to the installation root of the game , as for your lan setting , the computers that you want to play network on should have the same Gateway.

This file is also a fix for computers on windows xp , it allows you to play the game on network with any windows system
Link fixed!