Twitter and Instagram Bots, What are they?

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You’re probably wondering about  Twitter and Instagram Bots, What are they?

Bots are scripts that will helps people grow their online social media presence for free by spamming on others.

Bots are scripts written by developer to serve a certain purpose, like auto liking pictures  with a certain hash-tag on Instagram, or auto re-tweeting tweets with a certain Hash-tag on twitter.

twitter and instagram bot

Let’s say a certain Developer wrote a code that aut0-likes every picture with the hash-tag #hot on Instagram, when you upload a picture with this hash-tag you will automatically receive a like from the bot, and you will think that this person really liked your picture so you will either like back his picture or follow him; therefore the spammer will trick you to get more attention.

Although twitter and instagram are trying to fight those spams, Spam bots are still invading most of the social networks.


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