How to use 3G on Blackberry for TOUCH users Lebanon

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Last month Lebanese Telecom Company MTCTOUCH , has released the 3G internet service.

However due to its affiliation with BlackBerry , MTC doesn’t allow its costumers to use the 3G service on Blackberry phones.

If people  stop buying the Blackberry internet service for 27$ and replace it with 3G which only costs 10$,the blackberry service will lose its popularity .

To note that blackberry devices  that does support  3g enable will still be able to use the 3g service( as edge) and this  will work for them .

Anyway here is the solution: subscribe for any of the 3G plans , probably the 10$ , once subscribed go to Options on your h

omescreen >>Advanced Options>>TCP/IP


in the apn field type : mtc

check the APN Authentication Enabled box but leave the fields empty.

Restart your Mobile and you’re done

Instead if using bbm you can now use whatsapp  , however MTC has locked the default browser so  on your PC go to, choose your mobile and download the Opera Browser  and follow their instruction to install it on your mobile.

And congratulation , now you have browsing and messaging enabled for only 10$ instead of the rippoff price .