How to hack Thomson and DLink routers key ?+ how to protect your router from getting hacked ?

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To start , Hackers can easily break into your network if you’re using the default encryption key ( the one provided with the router).

Why the default key is bad?

Through calculations, Routers manufacturers generate a default password. However this algorithm has been cracked by researches and now there is many tools that can crack your passwords in seconds.

How does the key generator work?

When you enter the name of the router, the key decrypt the name , and using generates many possible default keys , the user will try each of them , until he gets on your network  !

Hack Thomson with Thomson key / Blink generator application:

With this tool you can calculate the WiFi- key for Thomson SpeedTouch Wireless Routers, and blink routers.   Download

How to use it ?

N: Enter the 6 hex digits of the wireless network name (AFTER SpeedTouch or Thompson, or Blink ). For Example, by SpeedTouchUltGate just fill in UltGate (case insensitive) and then ‘Get Key’


If I change the default name or password will my router still get hacked!?

It is possible that your router still gets hacked however; it will take more time especially if your key is WPA2 encrypted.

Wep keys are the most vulnerable keys , it will take a maximum of hours for them to get broken , however wpa2 passwords might take weeks to be cracked.


How to protect my wireless from being hacked !?

  1. Change the default name/pass
  2. Use WPA2-PSK encryption
  3. Chose a complicated alphanumerical password
  4. Change your wireless password on monthly bases
  5. Advanced users can enable mac filtering so only the allowed pc get on the network