Spam Alert! Like bots are envading instagram!

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Unfortunately, Instagram’s tags are being used to spam you! Spammers have found a new way to market their Instagram account, here is how.

Spammers are now using bots( small scripts) that will automatically like a certain keyword, and once you tag a picture, this bot will  automatically like your picture, and of course many will think that this normal  and as a result  many will like back the spammer’s picture and even follow him !instagram

When you tag your picture you get likes from strange people, and when you go to their profile you will notice that they have a huge number of followers while they’re following a very few.

I am not saying here that the account used for spamming is fake, i am only saying that a bot  liked your picture to get your attention and make you follow the account so the owner feels popular! 🙂

This type of spams is widely spread on Instagram and still there is no word on how to deal with it, If Instagram continue to Ignore this problem eventually people will get bored from Instagram and leave it  for a cleaner environment.