Lol Gets lots of love after all

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Lol  finally Gets lots of love ! .  Lol had a limited release in theaters , not giving a chance to thousands of people to watch it and Love it  . The movie  stars Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, Ashley Greene, Douglas Booth, and Adam Sevani.For those who wants to know why this movie got a limited release read our previous article Will Miley laugh out loud after all ? .

The same day of the release ,Lol is ranked 2 in Itunes Us Stores. However besides legal customers  ,   the number of illegal downloads/views to this movie has  reached more than 25,000  in the first day , between torrents , Youtube , and Uploading  sites .

Obviously , this only  prove that the limited release ,  the lack of marketing  and the policy of “no premiers”   are the only reasons to blame for the failure of this movie at the box office .

Besides , This movie is inspirational  and  fun to watch .

If you haven’t got the chance to buy the movie yet , Get the movie now from Itunes