unblock any website using Mozilla Firefox

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It’s irritating that most of the universities  , schools , and work offices , block access to Facebook , twitter   and some sites.Here is a  way to access blocked sites.

We strongly recommend trying  UltraSurf  before doing those steps  , if downloading/running  executable files(.exe) might be blocked by an It Policy,  follow the steps in this  article.

This solution requires Firefox to work , because Windows cannot force an it policy on Firefox .

So the solution is

  1. So the solution is to Open Firefox( if installed )  , or try to install it
  2. go to Tools >>Options >>advanced >> network >> settings
  3. check the “auto detect proxy for this network ” button
  4. then click on ok and close the  box
  5. Now to access to facebook and twitter use the secure browsing setting by using https instead of http  example(  go to https://www.facebook.com/  or https://www.twitter.com/)

If those settings work for you , you can now use facebook and twitter now .

If those settings don’t work for you follow those additional steps .

  1. go to google.com
  2. search for hidemyass proxy
  3. this link will appear at the top >>hidemyass.com/proxy-list/
  4. do  not go to the actual site  because it might be blocked by the IT, so just go to the cached version to get a list of working proxy
  5. choose any of the proxy ( it should be an ip address with a port )
  6. and now go back to Tools >>Options >>advanced >> network >> settings
  7. check the manual setting button  and enter the ip/port in the convenient box
  8. click ok , and now you should be able to browse any site you want

Have fun 🙂