will Miley Cyrus’s Laugh Out Loud do well after all ?

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Miley Cyrus’s Lol , also known as  Laugh Out Loud 2012 will be released tomorrow.

The movie is an  English-language adaptation of the hit 2008 French film of the same name, “LOL” .It’s about teen romance in the age of texting and social media.The movie stars:  Miley Cyrus ,Demi Moore ,Ashley Greene ,  Adam Sevani ,Douglas Booth  and Thomas Jane .


Update : check out  how Lol gets Lots of Love .

Is Miley Cyrus responsible for Lions Gate’s decision to drop the movie  !!?

Lions Gate might be blaming the on-going troubles in Miley Cyrus’s life, but the Hannah Montana star who joined twitter last year was able to gather almost 6 million followers on her twitter, proving that she’s still as popular as ever. Which completely proves that Miley had no effect on LionsGate’s decision to almost drop the movie?

As reported by yahoo.com , the movie is only being released because of a technicality in the contract.

Who’s marketing the movie?

Marketing for “LOL” is being handled by studio’s home entertainment division, “Mandate Pictures”  and  her fans; mostly a fan site under the name MileyCyrus.bz  but  not the theatrical marketing team.

Lions Gate didn’t even  upload the trailer of the movie on their website, Proving that they have completely lost hope in the movie!

Lol vs The Avengers :

Lol is being released on 4th may the same day, the avengers movie will be released. While The Avengers was marketed, premiered all around the world , and has gathered more than $281.1 Million before its release , Lol didn’t even get marketed at all ! Only the trailer was released by fans online alongside some posters!?  And that’s never enough !

Releases dates and countries:
USA – 4th May (select theaters)
Brazil – 11th May
Germany – 31st May
UK – 1st June
Sweden – 1st June
Norway – 1st June
Austria – 1st June
Poland – 15th June
Belgium – 20th June
Portugal – 21st June
Spain – 22nd June
Holland – 28th June
Russia – 28th June
Latvia – 29th June
Colombia – 13th July
Mexico – 13th July
Italy – 17th August
France – 12th September
Argentina – 13th September

 So are you planning on seeing “LOL” in theaters?