Ringer is still good

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The show  is based on two twin sisters Bridget Kelly, and Siobhan ( both played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) .

Bridget who is a recovering drug addict and ex-stripper living in Wyoming,  becomes on the run from the mob after witnessing a murder , believing  that her sister  Siobhan is dead, she decides to assume her identity.


Popularity  ?

Although Ringer‘s popularity is still modest compared  to what  “Buffy the Vampire slayer”  had , Ringer is still  good. Despite the low TV rating the show was the most downloaded on iTunes and most watched on The CW online. And was even broadcasted on local TVs in Europe, Asia, South Africa, South America and even in the Arab World( Middle East)  where it’s being broadcasted on MBC4  , with Arabic subtitles every Tuesday, 20:00 (GMT).

Not to forget that the show that already has already won 4 awards.

Season one has ended  ,Is there a Ringer Season 2 ?

The CW hasn’t confirmed if the show will be renewed for another season or canceled , but according to perezhilton.com , the execs are planning on a season two.

What to expect  in season 2?

According to the execs The storyline will lie primarily “in the present” and follow the twin sisters as they both deal with their covers being blown and living alone in New York.

Ringer should be back for season 2 !

Until the CW’s word is out , we can only hope the show to be back .

I believe  Season one of Ringer  has been exiting , mysterious  , surprising and satisfying . I would definitely want to know what will happen next, now that Bridget knows that Siobhan is still alive and in  New York .