how secure is your mobile!?

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Our privacy is being invaded by our mobiles .With the availability  of millions of applications everyday , and the competition between mobiles company to promote their operating system , we have  lost our  privacy; most of the application have access to your files , messages ,call history , and even contacts.

Maybe the most obvious example is the application under the name “true caller”, you think they have created this application to help you look-up some numbers!?

Of course not ! Once this application is installed , without your permission or even notifying you , it will take all of your contact’s information to the application’s server, and make it available for other people.

So what’s the big deal , it’s just some numbers!?

Well,Same way this application took your numbers without your permission , it has access to all of your information , including messages , pictures and videos , as-well the ability to video/audio recording without telling you,because you won’t even know !!!

I am not here only saying that “True Caller” is unsafe , i am saying that all of the application have the same access, and can do the same to your information.

All the mobiles are unsafe including IPHONE, BLACKBERRY , WINDOWS PHONE, and those  running under the   Android operating system.

On blackberry , I’ve already tested Whats app , when you deny its access to all your information , the application won’t even start anymore.

Mobile’s manufacturing companies are required to find  a solution to this problem , and stop this privacy abuse.

Google commenting on privacy abuse on their site

Google can’t control how third parties will use your data once you grant them access, so please refer to their privacy policy to understand how your data will be used.

If you believe that a third-party developer is violating the Latitude API Terms of Service, you should immediately revoke access and report abuse.

But the biggest problem is that you’ll never know when your information and private life  is being sold  or traded by your application’s company ,you’ll never know who really have access to your daily life , and this ongoing privacy abuse won’t stop , unless  Mobile’s manufacturing companies  make a  real firewall application , that blocks all the outgoing data from your mobile , and disallow applications from accessing your information.